WOD 10-5 / Team WOD

10-05-2019, 05:00

Conditioner: Chipper for time! (1 person works at a time)

Buy In: 100 DU’s (Each Person does this)

– 100 Pull-Ups (1 person works while the other is doing a Deadlift hold)

– 90 Squats (1 Person works while other is doing a Handstand hold)

– 80 Deadlifts 135/75 (1 Person works while other is doing a dead hang from pull-up rig)

– 70 Burpees

– 60 Lunge Steps

– 50 Sit-ups

Cash Out: 250m Row (Each Person does this)

TC= 25 mins

*For the pullups, squats, and deadlifts, the reps only count while your partner is actually performing the other exercise. So if your doing pullups and your partner drops the bar on the deadlift hold you must stop until he/she picks it back up for the reps to count again. Good Luckā€¦.


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